"Explore Industry" Internship Platform

Employers' Union to bring together all students and pharmaceutical companies who want to do their compulsory internships in the pharmaceutical sector, has been launched. As Polifarma, we conduct our trainee selection and evaluation processes through the “Explore Industry” internship platform. To get more information and/or apply for an internship http://www.ieis.org.tr/ieis/tr/endustriyikesfet you can click on the link.


"Explore Industry" Internship Platform

The basic purpose of the internship program applied at our Company is to provide internship opportunities to the most competent and successful students who are studying at universities, colleges, professional and technical high schools and who are obliged to do internship as part of their studies during the entire year or in the particular periods of the year, and to recruit the students, who perform well during the internship period, to our company upon their graduation in line with their talents.

Accordingly, we have signed a cooperation protocol with Trakya University and Namık Kemal University, which are among the long-established universities in the region, within the framework of academy & industry cooperation.

We identify the needs for interns every year and present internship opportunities to the Vocational College and Undergraduate students from the relevant departments of these two universities at our production plant located in Ergene for a half term in accordance with this protocol.

The intern candidates studying at these universities can make internship applications via https://www.yetenekkapisi.org/, which is the common digital interaction platform for the youth, employers and the career centers of universities, after the necessary announcements are made by the universities.

We offer internship opportunities to the other university students who are obliged to do internship at the semester holiday and the summer time at our Headquarters, Ankara Licensing Center or Production Facilities to enable them to convert their academic knowledge into practice and support them in the preparation for business life.

The students who wish to do internship in the semester holiday can make their applications in December and January and the students who wish to do internship in the summer time can make their applications in March and April through our website.

We also accept the mandatory internship applications from the Vocational College and University students who make an application to our internship programs.

In the assessment process, the needs and vacancies of the relevant department are taken into consideration, and the academic success and adaptation of the students to corporate culture, their sense of responsibility and communication competencies are among the other criteria that we use in the selection of interns.

The Human Resources Department manages the interview and acceptance process for the applications that are deemed as suitable, and contact all relevant students accordingly.

We also provide successful students with preferential employment opportunities at the end of the internship period, if they are also willing to work with us in line with the needs of the company.

Please click here to submit your internship application. (The Apply button is activated in the indicated application period).