First and only in the World

End-stage renal failure occurs when the kidney treatment methods are required to undertake the task.Peritoneal dialysis is a treatment in which some functions of the normal kidney are imitated. The name of this treatment comes from the patient's own peritoneal membrane (peritoneal) which is used to clean the blood from harmful wastes.

Peritoneal dialysis is performed by delivering a special peritoneal dialysis solution to the patient's abdominal cavity. After staying in the abdominal cavity for 4-6 hours, it is replaced with new solution. This process is done 4-5 times per day. Peritoneal dialysis applied in this way is called CAPD (Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis ).

Polifarma has developed the first and only CAPD device in the world for the treatment of peritoneal dialysis.

The device that automatizes the dialysis process for CAPD treatment!

This device, which automatizes CAPD treatment, has many advantages for both peritoneal dialysis patients and healthcare professionals.

Advantages For The Patient:
Ease of use is achieved by automating the CAPD system. According to the manual SAPD application, the operations are more comfortable.

• Also without using serum strap,>
• Without the need for hand scales,>
• Manual treatment without keeping record,>
• Provides ease of application without skipping important procedures.

Advantages for health professionals:Advantages for health professionals:
Detailed follow-up of patient-specific treatment programming and treatment information is provided.

• Instant information flow,
• Possibility of remote treatment change,
• Compliance with increased treatment,
• Provides the opportunity to prevent early follow-up and problems.