We as Polifarma İlaç, conduct the procurement activities on three main areas: direct material, indirect material and investment. These are planned in parallel with the company’s long- and short-term policies. The main significant factors in our purchasing processes are selection of suppliers and development of business cooperation. We prefer long term partners that act in full compliance with the legal regulations and rules.

• Our suppliers are required to fulfill their legal obligations and to obey all the relevant requirements in all other documentation related to business ethics, in accordance with these policies and rules.
• Criteria such as financial performance, experience, technical qualification as well as positive background in the sector and assessment results from the previous years are taken into consideration while selecting the suppliers.
• For the selection and management of the suppliers our relevant department managers; are responsible for the preparation of the approved supplier list and establishing the management and monitoring systems.
• We make assessments according to the objective criteria when selecting our suppliers. Our aim is to ensure that the business cooperation with our suppliers create mutual value.

Our suppliers are required to act in accordance with the following principles.
• Act with honesty and integrity
• Comply with all applicable national legislations, rules and regulations
• Provide a safe and healthy working environment for employees
• Treat employees with respect and dignity
• Avoid actions that may have an adverse effect on the environment

Our expectations from our business partners in terms of creating a sustainable supply and purchase chain are as follows:
• Quality
• Timely and complete services
• Compliance with legislations
• Corporate management practices
• Continuous improvement